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The simple beauty of a woodlot.

Maybe its because I grew up here in New Hampshire, but I love walking in the woods. Since I can remember the forests have been around me and I have been around them.

The landscape of the Granite State is in my blood, I breathe it in and keep it in my heart. I love the mixed hardwoods and conifers that fill our forests. I love the damp smell of the earth and decaying leaf litter. I love the way a well worn path gives slightly to cushion my every step.  I love the earthy red-brown softness of a pine needle carpet and the way that new cobbles rise on the path every Spring with the freeze and thaw of the earth.

On a cloudy day the woods are soft and dark and quiet and meditative. On a sunny day the dappled sunshine streams in through the tree limbs turning it into a cathedral. Bird songs pepper the air, woodpecker knocks echo cavernously.

For me this piney environment is a calming place to be. The morning rush of backpacks and lunch money, my looming deadlines and upcoming expenses fade away into the mossy green darkness.

For forty minutes I belong to no one but the woods. It envelops me in its comforting familiarness of sight, sound, and smell, and long for it again as soon as I leave.

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