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The 3 dollar smile. (or The Teeny Pink Pig)

Here in New Hampshire, today is a gloomy day. Rain, drizzle, gray skies – I actually usually enjoy this kind of soft rain. And honestly its welcome after the heat wave that we have been having. But today instead of helping to put me into a creative zone, the rainy day kept me from getting properly motivated.

A little dazed I headed to a press check which went really well. The job looks fabulous, thanks to the guys at Proofing House Press, and that helped to perk me up a little. So rather than go straight back to the studio,  I popped into a favorite market that I don’t get to often enough.

After grabbing a few things that I can’t get elsewhere, and purposefully ignoring their fabulous olive bar, I wended my way to the checkout where low and behold – an adorable and completely silly little trinket sat.

Well, he didnt exactly “sit”. he hung, from his little teeny silver chain at the register, just taunting me with its ridiculous cuteness.

What was it you might ask, that trinket that would put a shine on my otherwise gloomy day?? Put a smile on my otherwise dour morning face?

The teeny tiniest LED flashlight shaped like a little pink pig . And [ this is the best]  — when you press the little button on his head his nostrils light up and he makes little snorting noises. Yes – he snorts! That rocks my world.

Teeny Pink Pig flashlight

The snorting clinched the deal.

Odd, yes I know. And I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes it doesnt take much to amuse me, but seriously its not possible to resist a $2.99, 2 inch snorting pink flashlight. Is it?

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