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An underwatery observation

Today I was lucky enough to be treated to lunch by a friend, who also happens to be an artist who like me, works with color on a daily basis.

We chose a seafood place with a good rep, neither of us had been in before. Upon being seated, we both looked about the place and voiced our approval of our surroundings. “Underwatery” was the word of choice. And it truly fit.

The eatery is in an old mill building with giant windows and impossibly high ceilings, and the designer used every bit of height to create a rich and soft interior space.

There were aquas and muted teals, filmy cotton fabrics hung high from the ceiling in shades of muted blues and gray purples. Seating was done in tones of rich earthy browns – a modern trend when paired with turquoisey blues. And sparkling here and there were touches of metallics- copper and gold, sparsely used and just reflective enough without being jarring.

The whole atmosphere was relaxing and soothing and upscale, and did somehow echo of the sea. It was done well without kitsch or sterotype. There were no fishing nets or plastic crabs as is so often the case in a New England fish restaurant. It really was classic and inventive and soothing. It’s amazing how the right colors can just fit a place, a mood or a meal.

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